Live Edge Tables


Urban Salvaged Hardwood

Live Edge is a term for the visible natural form on the outside diameter of a tree. When looking into the core of a tree we are able to view the central heartwood, sapwood, cambium cell layer, outer phloem, and protective bark layer of the tree's anatomy. The tree trunk is milled into single slabs to show off its true size and shape, hence becoming a live edge slab. We remove the loose bark from the wood and work with the natural shape of its living edge to create this aesthetic. Each tree has it’s own signature grain, figure, color, and individuality. 

Our favorite local urban salvaged woods to work with are Black Walnut, Oregon White Oak, Oregon Wild Cherry, Oregon Ash, Big Leaf Maple, Madrone, Myrtle, Elm, Redwood, Sequoia, Deodar, and Douglas Fir.

We surface and hand-finish our live edge slabs and place them on top of vintage cast iron legs or custom designed and fabricated steel bases.